International Space Station vol. 1 | CD

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Debut album of UK's psychedelic postpunk band with hints of Sonic Youth and a lot of Steve Albini influence. 
Charming and floating, this record tells a story. 
CD is limited to 500

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Electric Moon / Kungens Män / ElonMusk / Kanaan

 4 international bands (Kungens Män, Electric Moon, ElonMusk, Kanaan) contributing an exclusively recorded instrumental track of 1 LP side each, about how to watch the ISS crossing their skies from time to time...

Long and psychedelic tracks pulsating through space and try to follow the way of the space station around our globe and even beyond, to contribute you the opportunity to travel through your inner cosmosis while listening, only interrupted by the needle lifting, which could be just be some stops at random interstellar stations, to release and gain passengers.

Now on CD too - limited to 50 copies 

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Worst Bassist Records 

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CD limited to 50
release Date: 07/2023