Saturnia - Stranded in the green | CD


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CD version of this beautiful new Saturnia album!

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Neo-Psych | Pagan Music | Kraut

CD has two more tracks than LP, due to limited vinyl playing time.

tracklist CD: 

1 Pan Arrives 01:26 

2 Keep it Long 07:12 

3 Fibonacci Numbers 04:49 

4 Smoking in the Sun  07:13 

5 Super Natural 13:58
6 When I'm High 03:44 

7 Perfectly Lonely (CD BONUS)
8 Butterfly Collector 07:44 

9 Just let Yourself go (CD BONUS) 06:09

Recorded in the countryside, part of it outdoors in vine country, Stranded in the Green puts mythology, wine, sunlight, feral wildness and nature to music, building upon the already established ingredients of Luís Simões's classic psychedelic rock brew but also adding new elements in a truly organic and refreshing album.
Saturnia rarely play live, but toured Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, France and England with Colour Haze for a month in 2012.
Luis Simões on this album: Vocals, guitars, sitar, tampura, bass, bass pedals, gong, organs, synthesizer, Rhodes piano, Mellotron, chimes and drums.
Plus Ana Vitorino: Spoken word on Pan Arrives. And Winga: Djembe on Keep it Long.
Recorded between 2018 and summer 2020 at Lagoa do Calvo. Mixed by Luis Simões. Mastered by Ricardo Bravo. Cover art by Luis Simões.

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