Sula BAssana (and band) live at Roadburn | CD


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SULA BASSANA - live at roadburn festival 2014 CD

Here you get the release of a one off show by Sula Bassana (who normally never plays live under his moniker), who played at the 2014 Roadburn-Festival, accompanied by a strong band! Sula Bassana is the german multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt. He is the guitarplayer in Electric Moon, drummer in Zone Six, Synthy- and Organ-player in Krautzone, and well known for his solo-albums, ranging from spacerock via psychedelic to krautish electronic music. For this Roadburn concert, Sula had to create a band and the line-up is: 
Sula Bassana: guitars, synthesizer, mellotron, FX
Komet Lulu: bass, FX
Marcus Schnitzler: drums
Rainer Neeff: guitar, FX
On this album you get almost the complete concert, which was a unique thing which never happened before. The music on this record became very  wild and noisy! Because of the impression-overdose from the whole Roadburn-thing. The mood on stage was very expressive and psychotic, which the listener can now experience too, due to the intense live-feeling. „Into the red“ guitar-battles, full of fuzz, tremolo and wahwah, powered by a massive bass and drum section, spiced with some Synthesizer and Mellotron sounds. Only one song from older Sula albums appear: Dark Days. But here in a extended version with some improvised parts! 
The album got mastered by krautrock-legend EROC. And the wonderfully psychedelic cover artwork is done by Lulu Artwork! (Komet Lulu). 
CD comes in jewelcase.

The Songs:
1) Rainstorm (13:05)
 2) D-Light (11:59)
 3) Dark Days (18:04)
 4) Alienfuzz (5:52)

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