Blue Rumble - Blue Lightning / Brasas / colored wax / lim. | LP

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Blue Wax

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 Psychedelic | Neo-Psych

 Blue Rumble started life as a conversation in the spring of 2019, an exchange of musical ideas between two people who shared a love for the same kind of music.
 The story of the band is also a multinational one, spanning four countries and three continents. Ronaldo and Andrea - who live in Brazil and Switzerland, respectively - found each other through social media and decided to collaborate. Ronaldo, who had played keyboards in several projects in Brazil, was looking to expand his musical partnerships with artists from other countries; Andrea had riffs he wanted to turn into fully fledged songs. It was clear even at this early stage that a long-distance, asynchronous recording process would have to play an integral part of Blue Rumble’s DNA. With two songs worked out, the search was on for a drummer. This wasn’t an easy task, with the duo auditioning several candidates without success. That person had to possess several important qualities: have a powerful sound, love ‘60s and ‘Os rock and have the means to record oneself. USA-based Harry Silvers ticked all those boxes. This trio released its first single in September 2020, with Ronaldo recording both the keyboard and bass parts. It wasn’t until the band decided to record “Occhio e Croce”, a song Andrea had written and recorded in a band of the same name, that a dedicated bass player came on board: Sebastien, his old bandmate from Luxembourg. 

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Vinyl LP 

Echodelick Records USA