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Motorik!| Psychedelic | Krautrock  

| Shoegaze

 Recorded live in the rehearsal room, the expanded 4 piece Dead Sea Apes lock into spooky nocturnal grooves, augmented by Nik Rayne (The Myrrors) who was over in the UK for the recording of 'Night Lands'. 'Night Lands' is comprised of 3 off-the-cuff improvised pieces, where Dead Sea Apes effortlessly mind meld with Rayne. Taking for a deep knowledge and love which you can hear seep through - At times Amon Düül (both!) at other times Earth with touches of what you imagine the Velvet Underground sounded like in the DOM - all touched with the presence of Bo Anders Persson. 500 copies repress presented in a gloss laminate outer sleeve with 2 sided insert and pressed as a twisted stripe colour vinyl. Co-release between Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records.. 
 Released by FUZZ CLUB RECORDS on February 16, 2018. 

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Vinyl LP
Cardinal Fuzz