Mienakunaru - Strato Arcology | LP

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Green-Black marble wax

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 Psychedelic | Neo-Psych

 Riot Season (UK & EU) and Echodelick Records (USA) present the third installment from the power trio Mienakunaru. Two compositions of noise rock, psychedelia, improvisation and experimentation. Inspired by strato-scraper arcologies and living within a post-nuclear megalopolis. Mienakunaru create a space punk soundscape that captures the zeitgeist of a future dystopian world!
 Blistering improvised in one take free-form feedback guitars from legendary Junzo Suzuki.
 In early February 2022, Junzo fell from a train platform in Tokyo and was rendered unconscious. Junzo suffered intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage. He regained consciousness about nine days later and was moved to a rehabilitation hospital leaving him unable to tour or record music. Proceeds from this compilation will all go towards helping him financially, but we want this to do more than that. This album is also one giant get well card, a huge sign of love from the world to Junzo. We love you Junzo and we know you got this but we're all there cheering for you every step of the way.

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Vinyl LP 
Green-Black Marble
Echodelick Records USA
Riot Season Records UK