Minami Deutsch - With Dim Light | LP

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Motorik!| Psychedelic | Krautrock

 Repressed! Minami Deutsch's sound is influenced by their love for krautrock legends such as Can and Neu!. The band members are also self-professed "repetition freaks" who heavily listen to minimal techno. Whilst softening their sound and cushioning
 the blow, you can expect a more profound diversity in their sound, whilst retaining the principle ingredients that
 make them so great, such as their signature fuzz, thumping bass and dream like vocals. There is a heavier experimentation in regards to genre exploration. With hints of post punk and nods to late '60s psychedelic rock, this shows that Minami Deutsch is willing to push musical boundaries further whilst retaining a clever songwriting ability to achieve this album. Sounds like Agitation Free, Manuel Göttsching, mid-era Can.
 SIDE 1:
 1. Concrete Ocean 
 2. Tangled Yarn 
 3. Tunnel
 SIDE 2:
 1. I've Seen A U.F.O. 
 2. Bitter Moon 
 3. Don't Wanna Go Back 

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Vinyl LP
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