Perhaps - 4 | LP

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 Psychedelic | Neo-Psych


   The 4th album of the universal space rock band Perhaps that is a collective of wayward souls led by Jim Haney. Miraculous album created by telepathy and fate will be released from Echodelick Records on vinyl 29th December 2021. 
One Song, 40 minutes! Mind-blowing music that fuses komische patterns, darting electronics, oscillations, vintage synths, acoustic instrumentation, free jazz and Psychedelia into one sound that redefines any remaining boundaries of Space-Rock. Everything is woven seamlessly and creates an opportunity for the listener to become lost in the controlled chaos. Resistance is futile. 
“4 is a huge album and is one of the most layered albums that we’ve done. There were about 15 musicians involved and everyone approached it from a different angle. It was a huge experiment and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It is the really “over the top” record that I’ve always wanted to make. I don’t think we will ever be able to make something more intense and layered than 4" 
Jim Haney, 2021 

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