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File Under: Postrock | Instrumental | Psychedelic 

Artist: LDMR
 Date: MAR|06|2020
Worst Bassist Records 


LDMR creates a maelstrom of suspending soundwaves and melodic distortion in order to combine the loving aesthetics of „Mono“ with the brute riffpower of „Russian Circles“. Yet the instrumental-post-rock-quartet is unique for its roots in dirty punkmusic which is reflecting in the first album „Facing“ (released: october 2019). Especially in live-situations LDMR make themselves at home where their work makes room for the interpretative playground of the audience. 

With their second album „Silva“ they created a floating and deep album of heartmelting postrock / acidrock. 
Those who let the needle glide across „Silva“ wander through an analogous soundscape – spellbound on 8-track-tape-machine.
The second album of the instrumental-post-rock-quartet LDMR is strongly influenced by nature, especially by flora. It describes a balancing act of concentrated calm and excentric force and compares to the antagonism of filigree flowers to monumental trees.
The heart of the work is the dedication to puristic sound. An analog recording technique, inspired by „The Beatles“, and calculated, natural stereophony generates an imagined livesituation . LDMR connect the instantaneously energy of 90s-grunge/punk („Nirvana“) with a typical post-rock-atmosphere („Mono“). With the complex but repetitive songwriting, bands such as „Radiohead“ meet bands like „Kyuss“.
„Silva“ is a devotedly produced forest clearing, with it’s variety growing, the further you stroll.