WORST Bassist Records

welcome to the record label of Lulu and her boss Johnny that cat.

“I believe in doing vinyl. As long as vinyl can still be made into a high-quality standard, I’m going to still make all my records as a side A and a side B because that’s how I grew up listening to music.” 
- Jason Molina 


Record Label and web shop for motorik, psych, post punk, acidrock, drone & ambient sound; 
invented & powered by Electric Moon's founder & bassplayer "Komet Lulu" . 
Worst Bassist & boss thank you a lot for being here. We hope you enjoy your stay & our products. :) 

my boss

worst bassist 

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electric moon

lulu artwork.

The Project.

When I decided to put Worst BassistRecords up, I still had no name for it.

We did not want to artificially create one so trusted the process.
One day I read a comment on youtube below a video of Electric Moon. The comment said:
"She's really the worst bassist in this world. She ruined so many beautiful songs with her annoying bass riffs."
It clicked with boss and me and we knew I had to name our label "Worst Bassist Records".
Can't express enough of gratitude for this comment - I love input like that. And at least there is still hope, cause it said "in this world" - so ONLY in this world. :))

Also, I focus more again on my Lulu Artwork design thing, painting covers and so on, here you can follow this:

The folks.

My cat Johnny is my boss. He rules. He always trouble shoots as soon as he decides to roll himself onto my lap. Then all flows. Thanks, boss.

It all began when I decided I want to found a band with humans improvising music, letting their souls merge and kind of instant compose... It was like a vision always colouring my path and directing it towards my goals...
After all these years of musical explorations, I decided to put up my own label to have more freedom to release whatever I want and to expand the niches.

Thanks for your love and trust, thanks for ordering those records.

To the wild hearts.

The sound.

Expand the niches!
Here you'll find a wild mix of Motorik, psych, post punk & -rock, acidrock, drone & ambient sound.

You can listen to all worst bassist records for free via bandcamp!