File Under: Instrumental Post-Rock | Post-Metal | Force of Nature

Artist: SARKH
Album: Helios EP
Release Date: 07|07|2023
Cat.#: n/a
Label: Worst Bassist Records
Format: CD | Digital | (later on vinyl as complete album)
Helios EP is the precursor to the upcoming album of the same name, which
will be released on vinyl via Worst Bassist Records when completed.
Sarkh show influences from bands like early Motorpsycho, Mogwai or
Neurosis, as well as early grunge, both in their sound and in the way

they play their instruments. The result is something very unique, style-
breaking, which in itself seems like a force of nature:

“Sarkh blasts, Sarkh sings with no vocals, Sarkh is an acoustic museum
mile of energetic guitar rock.
The bass pumps like the main artery of a heavyweight and tells a story
with its flowing play of brute riffs and fine, melodic runs that sticks
in your head.
A drum kit grooves in the style of seventy rock, only to demonstrate
breathtaking precision with a post-metal impulse breakthrough in the next
moment, without appearing cold and lifeless.
And then the multi-layered guitar work: there's the post-metal again with
its rough power and the post-rock with its reverb and wide melodies,
albeit just as dirty and raw.
The trio delivers four pieces on an EP that will undoubtedly be heard.
Shit, I got goosebumps the first time I heard it..."
- Oli Hilse (Teuer | The Barren Room)

The band:
Johannes Dose - Drums
Ralph Brachtendorf - Guitar
Falko Schneider - Bass
Sarkh shared the stage with bands like:
Alda (US)
Electric Moon (Ger)
Daily Thompson (Ger)
Greenleaf (SWE)
Wright Valley Trio (GER)
Maledeit (CHE)
Kokomo (GER)
Föllakzoid (CHL)
Neander (GER)
Ryr (GER)

File Under: Instrumental Post-Rock | Post-Black-Metal | Drone | Stoner
Release Date: 
 Worst Bassist Records
Vinyl (clear, 180gr.)lim to 500 | Digital | (CD version by theband) 

Sarkh play instrumental, heavy and intense post-rock /-metal. Their theme is nature: the eternal cycle of arise and elapse. The range of beauty to cruelty. The states between peace and violence... Painting those aural pictures, their sound varies between spheric echoism and heavy grooving parts of raging storms. 
Sarkh are a three piece from the area of Westerwald in Germany.
Grown out of the blackmetal/doom band „Hessaja“, Sarkh got founded in autumn 2017.
After several live shows, they recorded their first EP at the „Insitut für angewandten Krach“.
In spring 2018, they switched to their current line-up by changing their bassplayer and recorded more tracks in summer together.
So the debut album „Kaskade“ got born. 

Released in summer 2020 on clear 180gr wax via Worst Bassist Records. Includes printed insert. Limited to 500

The band on Kaskade:

Johannes Dose - Drums Johannes Schaffer - Guitar Falko Schneider - Bass 

Sarkh shared the stage with bands like:

Wrecking Ships (GER)
Alda (US)
Wright Valley Trio (GER)
Maledeit (CHE)

Last Minute to Jaffna (ITA)
Kokomo (GER)
Magma Waves (GER)
Red Apollo (GER)
Föllakzoid (CHL)

Neander (GER)

Sarkh on Facebook
Sarkh on Bandcamp