Charivari - descent | CD

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Debut album of UK's psychedelic postpunk band with hints of Sonic Youth and a lot of Steve Albini influence. 
Charming and floating, this record tells a story. 
CD is limited to 500

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Shoegaze | Psychedelic | Post Punk | Indie

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Worst Bassist Records 

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CD limited to 500
release Date: 02/2020


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Stunning debut album by the wonderful psych-shoegaze-noise-indie-postpunk band "Charivari" from Bath, UK. 
 Will be released via Worst Bassist Records on vinyl (edition limited to 500) and CD (edition limited to 500) in february 2020!


 released February 28, 2020 

Charivari are a 4 piece from Bath, UK taking influence from Post-Punk, Shoegaze and Post-Rock genres. Their debut „Descent“ explores themes of warped realities, alienation, and our dissociative, subliminal, disconnect towards our environment and our eventual descent. 
 Charivari are a very talented and powerful, wild psych-noise-indie-postrock band and their live shows are so amazing and wild, but deep and emotional at the same time. In „Descent“ you can hear that they really care for what they do, that they are their music by themselves. Jump into it, let their flow carry your soul. 
 Charivari combine different musical genres to one fitting flow. 
 You can hear the influence of Steve Albini and Sonic Youth and bands like that, but you also get carried away by the psychedelic transcendence they create. Psych fans, Noise fans, Postrock fans, Kraut fans and Punk fans will love this album, as the Shoegazers and even the Indie Fans will surely do.