EL UNIVERSO - El universo | LP

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 Psychedelic | Neo-Psych


 El Universo is the project of Eder Ademar from Mexico City. The eponymous debut album was released in September 2021. Ademar played all instruments on the album. It was recorded in his home studio and mixed by Alberto (The Obsolete) from Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Emilio Ponce (drums) and Samuel Osorio (bass) joined Ademar on guitar to play live shows with the trio performing a showcase for the Hipnosis Festival and a session for Vans Channel. 
 Here is Ademar in his own words about the album... 
 “One day I was watching a documentary about the first manned trips to outer space, I remember they were talking about the tests they carried out with Monkeys & Apes and it occurred to me that that could be a great name for a band, at that time I listened to a lot of kraut and space rock and I really wanted to start a new project, I took the guitar I started to make some bases and on that some riffs while I ran the documentary in silence, I started to create the soundtrack of the documentary and then I did the same about a series of the universe, finally, the project was not called Monkeys & Apes but I made a song with that name to remember Ham, the first hominid to fly into outer space.” 

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Vinyl LP 
 This record is part of a multi label collaboration and will be available from - 
 Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records EU & IE 
 The Weird Beard UK 
 Echodelick Records USA