Los Kowalski - El Ocaso Del Oni | LP

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Los Kowalski is a Mexican band formed in 2011 in Mérida Yucatán. 
 Their music comes from mixing the different influences and visions of the members to create mantric moments through noise, vibrating with a sound that goes fromdistorted to heavenly, sharing sounds with genres such as Shoegaze, Krautrock,Post-Punk, IDM. 
 The night becomes the space to dream, asleep or awake. 
 It began with bursts of Paprika. joy, freely flowing from the inside out, bursting our instruments to invoke the first musical manifestations of what we call El Ocaso del Oni (Oni's Twilight). 
 In 2017 the first songs of El Ocaso del Oni were born, at the end of the day, in the free space that we found at night. The music and the screen were tracing a meditative state, traveling roads and virtual dreams, to capture the musical image of El Ocaso of the Oni, an organic and synthetic hybrid being, human and digital, the combination of our imagination through mantras to survive the day, instrumental and vocal mantras that appease the Oni, those demons, so that we can dominate them and take them from night to dawn. 
 Five years following a path, going through changes that ultimately transform us. El Ocaso del Oni is a stage of our life where our dreams colliding through music was the moment we shared in communion, the one that kept us focused and took us against the current to demolish the apparent duty and build based on our imagination. 


 released March 10, 2023 

Los Kowalski are Pablo Fuentes: Vocals, drums, synthesizer, rhythm programming, guitar, bass Manuel Gutiérrez: Vocals, guitar, synthesizer, rhythm programming, bass, sampler Arturo: Vocals, bass, synthesizer, guitar. 
 Recorded at home by Manuel Gutiérrez. 
 Guitars and synthesizer in Amarillo, Paprika, Tama and Paprika 2 recorded at Red Room Studios 
 Production: Manuel Gutiérrez Mixed by: Christian "Red" Sánchez Gamboa Mixing assistance: Manuel Gutiérrez Mastering: José Orozco Mora *Mixing by José Orozco Mora and Manuel Gutiérrez 
 Mixing and Mastering by José Orozco Mora 
 Voice sampling in Rain: Javiera Fuentes 
 Jamblock in Lamp: Javier Uribe Voices in Alba: Nailea Shay 
 Photographs used in Rain, Lamp, Despartar, Alba: Ari Hernández Image in Yellow: Javier Uribe 
 Photograph used in Paprika: Abner Chablé 
 Photograph used in 323: Manuel Gutiérrez 
 Cover design + booklet: Luis Silverio 

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Vinyl LP 
Echodelick Records
Weird Beard