Culto Al Qondor - Tannhäuser Tor | LP

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Super nice drones, neo-kraut and acid sound.
For all fans of Ash Ra Temple and Tangerine Dream! Invented by Chino Burga of La Ira De Dios!

Frog green high quality Vinyl, lim. to 500

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Drone | Neo-Kraut | Drone | Instrumental | Ambient | Drone | Drone | Drooooone!!!!

Absolutely available now to be delivered right into your face! :D
Each box contains one Super-Frog-Green wax.
Dangerous floating drones. Side effects: You might space out. Those side-effects are appreciated.
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Worst Bassist Records

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LP,  green high quality vinyl,  inside out cover, limited to 500!

Release Date: 07/2020