Fir Cone Children - Today There's No Tomorrow / MC

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Post-Punk - Electro - Dark

 "Flabbergasting stroke! My kind of hullabaloo. Get ready to be puzzled. [...] Take a deep breath before you start this supersonic head-over-heels spunk missile up. You will need a lot of oxygen to follow this 
 Blitzkrieg speedball going at a razzle-dazzle, head-twisting pace. Way Up North races from the get-go. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes. Maniacal guitars and the avid bravado vocals of the Berliner punk rush unstoppably toward an orgasmic climax. Breakneck, Aflame, and euphoric." - Turn Up The Volume (BEL) 
 "Donat produces another lesson in how to write hooks that grab you and don’t let go. [...] It’s amazing how much this guy can cram into three minutes. [...] Donat has really changed up his modus operandi and it’s gloriously successful. [...] What hasn’t changed is the unbridled joy in each and every track. Long may that continue. [...] First impressions are that Donat is going harder at these tunes than ever before. He uses the scuzziest, scratchiest guitar tones whilst the drums are going hell for leather. The dreamy notes are left to the vocals. Put together, it’s that signature uplifting FCC feel but delivered in a totally new medium. [...] Each time I reach the end I always feel exhausted, energised and elated. That for me is a Fir Cone Children album in a nutshell." - Static Sounds Club (UK) 

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Tape / MC (Music Cassette)
Label: Black Jack Illuminist Records